Daybreak is the third book in the Titan Trilogy, following Habit and Survivors.

It is my highest rated book on Amazon and Goodreads.

Latest review:

So awesome! What a super wrap up to a trilogy!! Unbelievable characters and in depth plots. I couldn’t put it down. I don’t know if I even breathed in the last three hours!!
— Trish J.

Daybreak is also available in the omnibus, A Woman Found Dead in a Farmhouse, which contains all three books in one.

"Scary tale with scarier possibilities"

"Up there with the best...a page-turner"

"Loved seeing what finally happened to Brendan and Jennifer"

“It is the third of three books, but can be read as stand alone. I read it while home with the flu. As I came to the end, the "Panama Papers" broke on the news. For a minute, I couldn't separate the news from the story. The story is one that can really shake up one's world and highlight how vulnerable we are. It has real substance (meat on the bone). Most books lately have been like junk food. This story is detailed, intense, very informative. Don't expect an easy read…Take your time. Give the trilogy the time and focus it deserves. You will actually find these books are gold.”