The mega-smash hit 'NO EXIT' from Taylor Adams To Become a movie ?!?

Taylor Adams is the author of the huge hit of the summer, the thrilling NO EXIT, which has racked up the five star reviews, dominated the Top 100 list for Amazon Kindle, and was recently optioned by 20th Century Fox to become a feature film. 

Taylor, still in his twenties, also a filmmaker, shares a publisher with me - Joffe Books. Shortly after my debut novel HABIT was published by Joffe in 2014, Taylor came out with EYESHOT, a taut thriller about a couple stranded in the desert and pinned down by a ruthless sniper. EYESHOT became a hit in its own right, but NO EXIT has set new and incredible records.

Three years ago this month, Taylor and I decided to ask each other some questions. Taylor's exacting, perfectionist nature was apparent even then, a trait that no doubt helped him to craft a book as successful as NO EXIT has been. For the interview between Taylor and I from three years ago, click HERE. For our follow up interview two years ago, click HERE. To read about details of the book being optioned by 20th Century Fox, click HERE.  

If you're not yet familiar with the premise of NO EXIT, a young woman becomes stranded at a rest stop during a blizzard and discovers a potentially abducted child, locked in a van. She wants to help the child, but also has to figure out who among the few strangers stranded with her is the abductor. Click HERE for the book.